Copying your Mandatory Profile to the server, making it secure and read-only!

Step 1>
On the Server …

I’ve created a folder called _mandatory profiles located in C:\
SVR - 01 - share name

I’ve shared the folder as _mandatory profiles, and set the Permissions as :
DOMAIN ADMINS = Full Control, Change, Read
Everyone = Read
SYSTEM = Full Control, Change, Read
SVR - 02 - share permissions

I’ve set the Offline Files to : “Files or programs from the share will not be available offline.
SVR - 03 - offline settings

Step 2 >
On the Computer where you created the Mandatory Profile

Goto Control Panel > System
Click on the Advanced tab
Z_DSK - 01 - system properties
In User Profiles, click on Settings

The User Profiles window will appear
Z_DSK - 02 - user profiles properties
Click on Mandatory Profile (BOZ-XP is the name of my computer)
Click on Copy To

Type in the network path to _mandatory profiles followed by me
which is this example is : \\2003-svr\_mandatory profiles\me
Z_DSK - 03 - copy 01
Click the Change button
Z_DSK - 03 - copy 02
Type in Everyone, click Check Names, click OK

Z_DSK - 03 - copy 03
Now click OK to copy the profile to the server…

Once the profile has been copied – your screen will look like this :Z_DSK - 04 - copy 03

Goto the network path where the profile was copied to :
( in this example, it’s \\2003-svr\_mandatory profiles\my)
Then go up, i.e. to \\2003-svr\_mandatory profiles)

Right click on Everyone, and change the permissions to those shown below :
SVR - 04 - permissions

Goto the network path where the profile was copied to :
( in this example, it’s \\2003-svr\_mandatory profiles\my)

Click Tools > Folder Options
Click on the View tab.
— ensure Show hidden files and folders is selected
— ensure Hide extensions of known files is unticked
— ensure Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) is also unticked
SVR - 04 - view options
Click Apply to All Folders
Click Apply
Click OK

The window will now show all files :
SVR - 04 - shows all
Highlight the file ntuser.dat
Goto File > Rename
Type in

Your screen will look like this :
SVR - 04 - renamed

All Done!